Anti-Snail Plants

Published : 2022-07-25 09:36:40
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Anti-Snail Plants

Snail and slugs can seem to appear out of nowhere, especially when the weather is mild and damp. These insatiable pests can consume several times their own body weight in food in one day. That means a lot of damage to your plants.

What plants do snails eat??

They prefer leaves that are easy to chew on, thin, soft, and delicate. This is why some plants are prone to attracting a ton of slugs and snails and getting eaten and destroyed by them. Slugs eat both perennial and annual plants.

The easiest way to tell if a slug is eating your plants is to look for common signs of damage:

• Holes in your leaves

• Irregularly shaped plates

• Damaged or missing leaflets

• Trails of slug slime

We’ll cover a few of the most popular plant choices that are resilient to slug damage in this list. Note that although they may completely repel or minimize the chances of slug attacks, no plant is completely safe.


Because of the bitter sap they contain, this taste makes eating the plant a chore. Slugs will avoid euphorbias and search for something else they can consume.


Lavender can resist slugs because of their strong scent.


These hardy and hairy plants have a defensive barrier on their leaves which slugs can’t digest. The pokey surface on the stems can also make it difficult for both slugs and snails to crawl over, which can help keep them away.


Another fragrant plant, rosemary acts as a natural deterrent to slugs and snails. You can harvest rosemary flowers and mix them with water to extract some of the fragrance. Then you can spray this directly onto the pests, or around the yard as a snail repellent plant.

5. Catmint

It has a very strong odor that dissuades slugs from eating them.


These colourful and tall plants make a nice and striking addition to any garden. And they’re also resilient to slugs, which makes this plant a hardy choice for any garden.


Slug resistant vegetables:









Slug resistant herbs:






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