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Busy Lizzie, Touch me not Red (Impatiens walleriana)

Here is a shade loving plant that you can easily grow from Impatiens seed. Dwarf Impatiens do well in the shady parts of your yard, make excellent indoor house plants, and are very showy in hanging baskets. The plants have glossy, attractive leaves which you will enjoy when the plants are not in bloom. Red Impatiens will add a color in any partial to full shade area.


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Early flowering variety of impatiens that is has a neat compact habit. Reaches approximately 11 inches in height when planted from impatiens flower seeds. All impatiens grow best in a shady location; however, you can plant impatiens seeds in for landscape bedding plants, mixed containers, large containers and hanging baskets.

Sowing instruction

Sow indoors in late winter until late spring.

Impatiens seed requires light to germinate, sow the seeds on the surface of the compost and do not cover. The compost should be kept moist; the seeds are very sensitive to drying out, so always cover the propagator with glass or plastic and stand it in a light position, but not in full sunlight.
Germinate at 21 to 25°C (69 to 77°F). This means fairly warm conditions which also encourage fungi, and the danger of damping off is therefore quite real. Once the seed has germinated, reduce the humidity. Allow fresh air in as soon as possible and increase the size of the opening during the next few days until the cover can be left off altogether. Reduce the temperature to 15 to 18°C (59 to 64°F).. As soon as the seedlings are over 1.5cm (½in) tall, they may be pricked out and grown on at moderate temperatures.
Put the young plants out-of-doors during the daytime from early May to harden them off, and bring them indoors again in the evening. They may be planted out-of-doors by the end of May after all risk of frost has passed. Plant 20cm (8in) apart.

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